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Room Spray - LOVE NOTE

Room Spray - LOVE NOTE

Hints of: sandalwood, warm vanilla, amber, and sugar

• Fine Mist Nozzle
• Refreshes Air
• Long-Lasting Scent
• CFC Free Aerosol
• 3fl oz

Add an irresistible scent to any space with our
Syd Ro & Co. Room Spray that ignites lavish expression in every spray. We've curated these air refreshing blends inspired by the calming peace that overcomes a space either in your home or even on the go. Our intentional spray enhances your senses with an energizing mix of carefully crafted notes. For an optimal experience, spray when you need a dose of decadence in your closet, room, and even on fabrics to breathe in a world of leisure and joy. Transform any ambiance with the soft glow and couture fragrance that welcomes guests with invigorating, smooth scents that excite. Consider this freshener happiness you can smell

Use on linens, pillows, curtains, or other fabrics.

Ingredients: water, alcohol, polysorbate 80, fragrance oil.